Another £35 Risk Free Profit Is Waiting For You At bet365

DATE POSTED: 23/12/2013


Existing bet365 customers can take advantage of the latest £50 in-play bonus by following the steps below.

NOTE: If you don't yet have a bet365传奇sf account I would suggest opening one and doing the sign-up bonus first. If you need help with this please email me.

传奇sfSTEP 1. Use your version of OddsTrawler ( or ) to find a pre-match bet for tonight's Premier League game between Arsenal and Chelsea (23/12/13 @ 20:00 GMT) where the back odds and lay odds are as close as possible. This will be your £50 qualifying bet. The best pre-match bet currently available is...

Arsenal v Chelsea
Football - England - Premier League - Match Odds
23/12/13 @ 20:00 GMT

Back £50 on Arsenal with bet365 at odds of 2.45.

Lay £49.60 on Arsenal with betfair or BetDAQ at odds of 2.52. You will need £75.39 in your betfair or BetDAQ account to cover this bet.

This gives you a total loss of either £2.88 or £2.89 (assuming a 5% commission rate) and will qualify you for the free £50 in-play bet.

STEP 2. Once Arsenal v Chelsea has kicked off find an in-play market for this match where the back odds are above 4.00 and the lay odds are close to the back odds.

STEP 3. Deposit another £50 and place a £50 back bet at bet365. Use the calculator at your version of OddsTrawler ( or ) to work our your lay stake. Remember to select the Stake Not Returned option. If your in-play back bet wins you will make a profit because your loss on the lay bet will be less than the profit from the back bet. If the in-play back bet loses you will make a profit because your £50 in-play stake will be refunded.

传奇sfIMPORTANT NOTE: The best time to place your in-play bet is at half time. This way you're not exposed to the possibility of a goal affecting your odds whilst you're in-between placing your back and lay bets.

An example in-play bet would be...

Back £50 @ 4.50
Lay £38.89 @ 4.55 (£138.06 liability)

If the back bet wins you make a profit of £36.94 (£50 x 4.50 = £225 (£175 profit) - £138.06 liability = £36.94)

传奇sfIf the back bet loses you make a profit of £38.89 (minus commission) for the lay bet and your £50 loss from the back bet is refunded.

When you take into account commission, and the loss from your qualifying bet, you should clear a profit of around £35 from this offer.

The odds quoted above were correct at the time of posting. If the odds have changed simply enter the new figures into the calculator.

You can quickly and and easily find your own bets by using your version of the OddsTrawler software.

传奇sfPlease double-check the full terms and conditions of this offer to ensure you're 100% clear before placing any bets. I also recommend printing a copy (or taking a screenshot) of the terms and conditions for you records.

传奇sfIf you need help making the most out of this offer please email me.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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