£9.76 Profit In A Matter Of Minutes

DATE POSTED: 10/02/2013


If you don't yet have a betfair account I would suggest clicking here传奇sf to open one, take advantage of the £25 free bet first, and then come back to this page to complete the offer below.

传奇sfExisting betfair customers, who have not yet played a betfair Arcade game, can claim a £10 free bet.

传奇sfClick to visit the betfair Arcade homepage.

Click the box that says £10 FREE BET.

传奇sfClick the box that says Opt in.

传奇sfEnter your betfair login details and click Submit.

To qualify for the £10 free bet you now need to wager £10 at one the Arcade games...so you need at least £10 in your account.

For the purpose of this offer the game you need to play is Deal or No Deal.

传奇sfThe quickest way to find Deal or No Deal is click All at the top menu bar (on the Arcade homepage) and scroll down to Deal or No Deal.

There are a multiple versions of the game so please ensure you select the right one. A small screen grab is below to help you identify the correct version.

Once the game has loaded follow these simply steps.

Step 1. Reduce your stake to £2 and click PLAY.

Step 2. Choose a box and click QUICKPICK.

传奇sfStep 3. Whatever the banker offers you click DEAL. Don't gamble here and hold out for a bigger offer. We simply want to wager our first £10 as quickly as possible.

Repeat steps 1-3 five times (until £10 has been wagered in total).

betfair will then credit you with a £10 free bet within 72 hours.

Once your free bet has been credited you simply go back to Deal or No Deal and repeat steps 1-3 five times, with the free bet credit, and the profit is then yours to keep.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is currently a bug in the Deal or No Deal software that means your free bet balance does not show up in-game. However, once the free bet has been credited, your first five games (at £2 a play) will definitely be taken from your free bet credit. If you're unsure whether the free bet has been credited simply open another game and look at the total in the free bet box.

传奇sfI made £9.76 from this offer from just a couple of minute of game-play. Your results will obviously vary and I estimate the average profit will be around £8.

传奇sfIf you need any help with this offer please email me.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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