Racing Excellence - Your Questions Answered

DATE POSTED: 10/02/2016

Racing Excellence - Your Questions Answered


It's been four days since I told you about the excellent results being produced by Racing Excellence since October last year.

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If you've not yet got involved and secured your 50% discount you might be interested in the Q&A session Dan did a while back.

Q: How were you introduced to horse racing / betting and when did you decide to take it seriously?
A: I was first introduced to racing over 25 years ago by two friends who each won major handicaps at 33/1 (the Lincoln and Super Sprint) respectively and I got the bug immediately. I decided to take it seriously over 20 years ago and have a kept a book (profit, loss, returns, percentages, course, trainers, jockeys, etc.) for the last 15 years.

Q: What do you think is the key ingredient to your success?
A: Intelligence - I've been betting on the horses for over 25 years and have built a reputation of excellence, knowledge and value, plus a network of people 'in-the-know'. However that is all irrelevant if intelligence is not applied to the bets you place. For example, if I'm made aware of good thing that is 6/4 or less then I'm likely to let it win and not place a bet. If I see (or hear) of a good thing that is 4/1+, is on a favourable handicap mark, has reasonable course form and distance credentials, has a credible jockey aboard (some are just not good enough) and I respect the trainer, plus there is some overnight movements in the market and exchanges...then I'm likely to have a bet or make a recommendation / tip!

Q: Can you remember some of the mistakes you made in the past when you first started betting?
A: In the early days it was easy to be drawn into short priced favourites in novice hurdles and flat maidens...that was simply naive! I still look at these races even now but always opt for the value in the race and avoid odds-on or short priced favourites.

Q: Do you specialise in specific races / conditions. If so, can you explain why?
A: Flat / AW handicaps, listed and group races. The form is there for all to see, the market can be indicative as well as misleading, the going can change in an instant, prices can fluctuate positively and negatively, the draw can be an advantage or disadvantage, jockey and trainer statistics can enhance or destroy your choices, the handicapper can help or it is paramount that intelligence is applied to what and where you invest on and in. I prefer flat / aw handicaps as there are less obstacles in the way. I do bet and advise on national hunt but flat is the preference. As I've already said it is rare that I back / advise on short priced favourites unless I'm absolutely convinced they'll win. My philosophy is primarily about the exploitation of value from the market. I only advise on win or each way and will not advise on laying.

Q: Why are you selling your racing tips if you can make money betting on them yourself?
A: I just love it when I know what I've advised has helped others profit from it. A psychologist once taught me that if you can turn your passion into a profit then you should do it...and this is it. My passion is horse racing and winning. I once told a guy in my local pub about two horses that were running that weekend, he backed them both at 10/1 and 6/1. I told him to leave the double alone and just go each way. He ignored me and had singles and a double. Even to this day he thanks me as my advice paid for, and made, Christmas for his family.

Q: Do you think you need to be exceptionally talented to be successful at betting or can it be learned?
A: Talent can be developed and so can betting successfully. It will take time, sometime years, a lot of patience, persistence and perseverance - but more importantly intelligence - knowing when to play and when to avoid.

Q: What's the most rewarding thing about running your own horse racing tipping service?
A: Helping others profit for the long term and satisfaction in my performance. Within eight weeks of proofing I generated 476pts and over 60% ROI. On the 2nd December my statistics show 80pts profit in one day! Undoubtedly they'll be days when my tips don't win...but they'll also be plenty of days when they do. So my strategy for the service is simple...ensure my subscribers are satisfied before I am - which means long term consistent profitability and value.

Q: How active is your tipping service? What can members expect in the number of tips each day, when will tips be available to members etc?
A: Typically there will be tips most days. Nowadays there is a lot of racing to assess and review, there is also all weather racing almost every day. So the opportunities are there to find. If there is no value in any of the markets then no tips will be advised. As a general rule the tips will be provided to members at a minimum 2hrs before the start of the race. This is primarily when late information may be forthcoming and to allow sufficient time to assess and analyse the best value bets for the day.

Q: In your opinion is horse racing more rewarding than betting on other sports?
A: Yes and especially in the big competitive handicaps that take a while to decipher and find the best value and the winner. In a football match there are only three outcomes (draw, home, away) versus a big handicap with 16+ different outcomes. There is rarely any value in the football markets unless you compile an accumulator (which has its inherent risk and bookmakers love taking accumulators rather than large singles or each ways).

Q: In your opinion what should a punter be looking for when considering following a tipster?
A: Primarily it is about value. Value in the price you pay for the service, the return you get, the consistency in the selections and most importantly the profitability. Risk is a secondary factor. There are some tipsters that are advising over 10 selections in singles, double, trixies, etc and risking a high volume. I don't like advising multiples of anything greater than a double and my proofing will show I've only done this once.

Q: We know that one of the biggest problems with winning bettors is keeping their bookmaker accounts open. Have you any advice on how not to get your bookmaker accounts closed down?
A: I'd recommend having several accounts, say 3 or 4 at least, open and spread the risk across your accounts. I highly recommend keeping a book with profit and loss and tracked bets in to ensure you are making a profit to your staking plans. Plus you can check where you're making a profit and if one is very high, occasionally you can offset the risk with another bookmaker, if the price is similar. A lot of online bookmakers do not provide a profit and loss service for your accounts - you can work out why - so it's imperative you record all bets.

Q: Can you tell us a fun betting/horse racing fact about yourself?
A: I've been an owner in syndicates - so I know what it takes and costs to be successful. Whilst we didn't make a fortune we did have some amazing days out winning at the races. Winning at the races is an incredible experience but it is multiplied enormously as an owner.

Q: What is your most memorable sporting moment / moment of glory?
A: One of my favourite days was the 2012 Ayr Gold Cup. A week prior to the race I was in my local pub and I wrote out "AYR GOLD CUP - CAPTAIN RAMIUS 33/1 E/W" over ten times on betting slips and handed them out like confectionary to anyone interested. We all prayed for rain that week and the heavens opened for days. Pat Smullen came over for the ride and we were all on. The following day, and for the rest of that week, the bookies got smashed. Day in, day out, people kept going into Ladbrokes with betting slips in my hand writing and the manager and many of his staff were bemused thinking and telling punters they'd already paid out on that slip. Little did they know I wrote that slip out over ten times!

Q: Finally, with so many tipster services available why should punters seriously consider joining you?
A: Value - Excellence - Consistency. That is my strapline. Punters can be assured of an exceptional service that ensures value, excellence and consistency. Before selecting a service they need to ensure they are getting value, less risk, consistency in winners and profitability, plus excellence in the prices advised (not short odds).

Racing Excellence offers everything you need in a tipster...Experience - Knowledge - Proof - Value - Consistency.

Kick-start your 2016 with one of the hottest tipsters on the market.

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传奇sfAs with all new tipsters I recommend you paper trade, or bet at low stakes, until you're 100% certain a profit can be made from your personal circumstances.

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