Take A Free Trial Of Any BetFan Service You Fancy

DATE POSTED: 14/02/2013


传奇sfBetFan, one of the UK's leading provider of managed and proofed tipping services, are celebrating their 3rd birthday.

传奇sfDon't worry tho...they're not expecting a card or present.

传奇sfIn fact...they want to give you a present.

传奇sfClick on the link below and you can claim a 7 day free trial to ANY of the services they manage.

You can only take a free trial of one service...so choose carefully.

To help you choose here's a list of the full Top 10 for January 2013, together with their total proofed profit levels.

1st - Golf Bet Profits - £1,973.40 Profit
2nd - Match Day Profits - £839.00 Profit
3rd - Sports Bet Intel - £832.90 Profit
4th - Ex Bookie - £574.80 Profit
5th - Score2Profit - £521.00 Profit
6th - Betfan Newsletter - £401.50 Profit
7th - Easy Lays - £250.20 Profit
8th - Weekender Special - £106.10 Profit
9th - MBR Club - £85.40 Profit
10th - Greyhound Master Tipster - £40.00 Profit

The figures are based on £10 per point stakes and are for the month of January 2013.

You can view the current Top 10 (updated daily) at the link below.

I would usually say that 7 days is not long enough to trial any service.

传奇sfHowever, BetFan have effectively already done the research for you...

...All the services on offer have gone through an extensive proofing period before being offered for sale.

传奇sfThere is going to be no hard sell from me here.

Simply visit the BetFan site and see if there is a service that takes your fancy.

If there is, great...take a free trial and I hope you make a nice profit.

传奇sfIf not...what have you lost other than a few minutes of your day?!

传奇sfPast results are no guarantee of future profits so it's always wise to paper trade, or bet low stakes, until you're certain that any new service will work for you and your circumstances.

This said...I'll leave you to it and I hope you find something that takes your fancy.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

传奇sfPS. This birthday offer ends at midnight on Friday (15th Feb).

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