UCantLose Ltd EXCLUSIVE Deal - £2,560.30 Profit!

DATE POSTED: 25/05/2013


传奇sfI have an EXCLUSIVE deal for you today on a top performing and very popular horse betting service.

The deal I've managed to negotiate for you all will only run until midnight on Thursday (30th May) and you will not see this great low cost trial deal advertised anywhere else.

传奇sfStableline Gold is BetFan's leading service in 2013 and has produced a very healthy 256.03 points profit since 01/01/13.

传奇sfThis represents a profit of £2,560.30 when betting just £10 per point.

传奇sfStableline Gold is a service for the pro bettor.

It's rather expensive and all 75 of the initial places were snapped up a while ago.

However, we have a great relationship with Betfan and have managed to persuade Simon Holden to give us a cracking exclusive deal and also open up a further 25 membership places...just for us!

You can now test Stableline Gold for the next two weeks for just £14.

To take advantage of this exclusive trial price please follow the steps below.

1. Visit
2. Click the silver payment option on the first page.
3. On the second page click the gold option.
4. On the third page enter the code "ucantloseslg" into the discount code box and click "Apply Code".
5. Click the green bar at the bottom of the page and enter your payment details.

Stableline Gold is a heavily restricted membership service so, even with the extra 25 places opened up just for us, I can't guarantee you'll be accepted on this discounted trial.

传奇sfSo, If you're interested I strongly urge you to act now.

传奇sf£1 a day for a service with a proven long term track record...

传奇sf...Surely this is a no-brainer?!

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

PS. If VAT is payable in your part of the world it will be added to the price of the trial. For example, if you're based in the UK, where VAT is 20%, the actual cost of this this trial will be £16.80.

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