Make A Profit From The Darts - Discounted Trial Available

DATE POSTED: 13/12/2013


传奇sfI've just been made aware of a fantastic special price for a service that will help you make a profit over the busy Christmas sporting period.

The service in question is managed by Betfan and I think it's probably easier if I just copy their original email below for you to read.


传奇sfBetting on darts has become a huge market and very rewarding for those in the know. We're very lucky at Betfan to have a man in the know on our books. Paul is someone who has consistently secured BIG Profits from darts betting for many years. He is also a very keen amateur darts player.

We originally spoke to Paul about doing a special offer for the big Christmas Darts tournaments but he insisted he would rather put his bets through his regular Sporting Addicts service so his long standing members also got all the bets.

传奇sfFair play we say but to make sure you all had opportunity to cash in on the darts we have bagged a very special deal on Paul's Sporting Addicts service. Giving you the opportunity to get all his Dart Bets PLUS all his other account bets over the next few weeks for just 50p a day.

This is a fantastic cut price deal and an opportunity to get a proven top tipster on your side for the busy Christmas sporting period.


With Christmas now heavily on the radar we're all out looking for a bargain and today we having something right up your street as a sports betting fan.

传奇sfSporting Addicts has been providing us with top betting tips for over 90 days now and not had a losing month so far. In fact they have generated a cool +111.68 points profit in their time with us. That's a very nice £2,233.60 profit when betting at £20 a point.

传奇sfAnyway, the point of this message is that Sporting Addicts has agreed to an EXCLUSIVE Christmas Special Offer to showcase their tipping talent.

Membership is usually £47 for 28 days but now you can trial Sporting Addicts for the next 25 days for just £12.50!!!

Yes, you read that correctly, get the full service for as little as fifty pence a day before the normal fee kicks in!

Paul is a darts betting specialist so you can take this offer and cash in on PDC World Champs...followed directly by the BDO event at Lakeside!


传奇sfNow, I've not tested this service personally.

传奇sfHowever, it has been fully proofed by Betfan and looks the real deal.

You can read more about the Sporting Addicts service and it's past results by clicking . Please don't join via this link though as you will pay full price. If you want to get involved at the special discounted price use one of the links in the email above or click .

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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