Thank You Zlatan - Time To Make A Risk Free Profit

DATE POSTED: 27/02/2017

Thank You Zlatan - Time To Make A Risk Free Profit


I REALLY hope you took advantage of £50 free bet offer I posted yesterday.

Click here传奇sf to remind yourself of the offer.

Zlatan and Utd did the deed for us...and - if you took advantage - a £50 free bet will now be waiting in your BetOnBrazil account.

You now have two options.

Option One: Find a bet you like the look of, at odds of 2.00 or greater, and hope it wins.

Option Two: Find a nice matched betting opportunity that will turn your £50 free bet into a risk free profit.

传奇sfNow - OBVIOUSLY - I'm going to suggest you go for Option Two! :)

BetOnBrazil is fully covered by the EXCELLENT Oddsmatcher from .

To make a decent profit from this free bet I recommend looking for odds of 4.00 or greater.

The best bet I could find at time of posting is displayed below:

Leicester v Liverpool
Football - England - Premier League - Match Odds
27/02/17 @ 20:00 GMT

Back £50 on Draw with BetOnBrazil at odds of 4.00.

Lay £36.76 on Draw with Smarkets at odds of 4.10. You will need £113.96 in your Smarkets account to cover this bet.

This gives you a profit of £36.02 (assuming a 2% commission rate).

The general rule of thumb is the bigger the odds you go for the bigger the profit. However, this will mean that you will need a a bigger bank to cover the liability at the betting exchange.

For example, you could go for the bet below. It would return an extra few quid profit...but you would need £508.07 in your Betfair account!

The odds quoted above were correct at the time of posting. If the odds have changed simply enter the new figures into the calculator.

传奇sfYou can quickly and easily find your own bets using Oddsmatcher from .

If you're new to matched betting you might want to take a look at our Risk Free Betting Guide.

传奇sfPlease double-check the full terms and conditions of these offers to ensure you're 100% clear before placing any bets. I also recommend printing a copy (or taking a screenshot) of the terms and conditions for your records.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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