This Is Your 9am Greenup Call

DATE POSTED: 07/03/2013


Existing Coral传奇sf customers can take advantage of the latest price boost by following the steps below.

NOTE: If you don't yet have a Coral account I would suggest opening one and doing the sign-up bonus first. If you need help with this please email me.

STEP 1. Visit Coral from 9am today (07/03/13) and back £20 on Sprinter Sacre to win the Champion Chase (13/03/13 @ 15:20 GMT) at the special boosted odds of 2.00. £20 is max bet Coral will accept at these odds.

STEP 2. Visit betfair传奇sf at lay Sprinter Sacre in the same race at a stake to match the odds available at the time.

The example below shows what you would have needed to do if you took this bet at the time of writing this post.

Sprinter Sacre
Horse Racing - Cheltenham - Champion Chase
13/03/13 @ 15:20 GMT

Back £20 on Sprinter Sacre with Coral at odds of 2.00.

Lay £30.53 on Sprinter Sacre with betfair at odds of 1.36. You will need £10.99 in your betfair account to cover this bet.

This gives you a total profit of either £9 or £9.01 (assuming a 5% commission rate).

It's important that you act fast to back Sprinter Sacre at 2.00 as these are VERY good odds.

However, there is no real rush to lay straight away if you don't want to. You might want to wait a few days and see what happens to the odds closer to the off.

There is a good chance that they might shorten further and offer you a bigger profit next week.

Sprinter Sacre is the hot favourite for this race so, if you fancy a gamble, you might consider not laying at all and hoping he wins (netting you a £20 profit). There is however an obvious risk that he might not win and you lose your £20 stake. This would not be my preferred course of action.

Personally I will just be getting this laid at 9am and then moving onto the next profit opportunity.

传奇sfYour call though!

The odds quoted above were correct at the time of posting. If the odds have changed simply enter the new figures into the calculator.

传奇sfYou can quickly and and easily find your own bets by using your version of the OddsTrawler software.

If you need help making the most out of this offer please email me.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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