When Was The Last Time You Won £678 In One Day?

DATE POSTED: 30/10/2017

When Was The Last Time You Won £678 In One Day?


Imagine checking your bet slips to find winning returns of £178, £126 and £678.

Form Ratings members aren't just imagining these winning returns...THEY'RE MAKING THEM!

Simon, a Forms Rating member, has developed a little strategy where he puts the 'Top Rated' Smart Selections into Lucky15s, Trixies or Lucky31s depending on how many there are and the various different odds.

The result?

"BOOM! 3 out of 3 on Top Rated Horses Today Guys!" - Simon's reaction after landing a trixie which won him a cool £178.

And that wasn't a one off either.

"BOOM!!! Great top rated tips today guys! 5 out of 5 and a great return on my L31. Cheers!!!" - This time it was a very tasty £678 profit!

Fancy joining Simon in getting hugely informative racecards to massively enhance your ability to pick winners and land big windfalls?

If so, you'll need access to the 'Top Rated' Smart Selections...these are daily pointers that are generated by an algorithm.

To get them you'll need to be a Form Ratings Gold member.


When you take a Gold trial you'll get:

* Access to all the racecards.
* Access to the private members group (plus you can enter competitions to win some cracking prizes).
* Access to the curated Smart Selections.

Ready to get involved? Click here传奇sf and join today.

If you're still not sure, or have any questions/concerns whatsoever, then give Mel a call on 01752 477100. Or you can email rob@formratings.co.uk and he'll help you out!

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