Are You Ready To Be A Better Bettor?

DATE POSTED: 04/10/2018

Are You Ready To Be A Better Bettor?


传奇sfYou will probably receive quite a few emails like this one around 10am today...that's because when Matt Bisogno launches a special offer the whole betting industry sits up and takes notice.

Unless you've been living under a rock in a cave on the moon this past week, you've probably seen or heard something about either Trainer Track Stats (TTS) or Geegeez Gold.

As well as giving away TTS, Matt has just re-opened Geegeez Gold with a very special offer.

Not only is he heavily discounting subscriptions to Gold, but he's also offering fast movers the chance to have a one-to-one consultation with him.


传奇sfWe've worked with Matt numerous times in the past and are big fans of what he does.

Geegeez Gold is a comprehensive racing and betting package that comprises state-of-the-art racecards, form tools, reports and a lot more.

It's easy to navigate, easy to use, and is almost certain to move your betting up a notch.

The one-to-one chats with Matt will go quickly, so if you'd like the chance to speak with him about your betting, Gold, or whatever (within reason!), click here now!

As well as Geegeez Gold, Matt's delivering four 'improve your betting' webinars for subscribers over the course of the next month; and you can try his service out for as little as one pound.

I'm not sure how long this offer will be open for but what I do know is that, when it closes, he's increasing his prices by 20%.

So if you're serious about enjoying your betting, and boosting your profits, you owe it to yourself to check out Geegeez Gold and this very special offer.


Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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