[CLOSING MIDNIGHT] Bet Interesting...Not Obvious!

DATE POSTED: 06/03/2017

[CLOSING MIDNIGHT] Bet Interesting...Not Obvious!


If you've not yet taken Matt up on his excellent Geegeez Gold offer you have until midnight tonight.

传奇sfI thought a Q&A direct from Matt himself might help convince you to give it go if you're still undecided.

Q: What exactly is Gold?

A:传奇sf Geegeez Gold is a service to help you improve your betting. From winning tips (Stat of the Day); to basic, but deceptively effective, form tools like Instant Expert; to more complex form tools covering pace, full form, trainer and sire records and more. Regardless of where you are with your betting, Gold will move you forward. And you'll have more fun in the process.

Q: Why is it better than Racing Post or another free service?

A: We believe Gold is better than Racing Post, and Sporting Life, and all the other free services, for three reasons: 1. We offer a very simple tipping approach that a. wins and b. gives you every chance of actually getting the quoted prices. 2. We have more information available than the above named sites combined. More importantly, we put info where it should be. Everything is intuitive and easily accessible, meaning you can do whatever you need to in a single window. No faff. Quick. Easy. Very effective. 3. We use colour. It's a fact the brain is able to decode visuals and colour much faster than words and numbers. That's why our words and numbers are often inside coloured boxes. So, if you're in a hurry or just want the gist of what's going on, you can get it in - literally - three seconds. It's very neat, and it's ground-breaking stuff. I think you'll get on with it instantly.


Q:传奇sf What if I don't like it?

A: For these few days only, you have the chance to take a very long 60-day trial of Geegeez Gold. You can put it to work for you when you have time, and explore its features at the big meeting or the small ones. Try out our highly profitable tips (+428 points from one bet a day). Dip into our reports. Delve behind the icons in our racecards. Play with Instant Expert, and the Pace and Full Form Filters. Enjoy yourself. Try stuff out. See how you go. However, at the end of the day, if you just can't get on with things, no problem. Simply cancel your subscription from inside your membership area, and step away with our thanks for trying Gold.

Q:传奇sf I've been struggling to make betting on horses pay for a long time and, frankly, I'm not sure this will work for me. What can you tell me?

A:传奇sf There are a lot of reasons why you might not currently be getting on as well as you'd like with your betting. One is unrealistic expectations. Look, if you think you can 'plug in' to one thing or another and find yourself in winnersville, I'm afraid you're destined for disappointment and Gold is NOT for you. But if you feel like you haven't had enough information, or perhaps you don't have enough time to make smart bets; or maybe you struggle with picking the right races to get involved with...Gold can DEFINITELY help you, and you should absolutely give it a try. 60 days is ample time to see how it can 'level up' your betting. And, I'm going to say it, maybe even enjoy the process of finding your bets, too!


Q: I've taken a trial of Gold before. Can I still get involved?

A: Yes, login to your existing account and then upgrade it.

Q: Does Gold really make you more attractive? ;-)

A: Erm, no, probably not. But it will make you more confident in your betting, and that in turn will make you happier about things, which is scientifically proven to make you more attractive. So, actually, yes, it will! Click here to become more attractive now :-)


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