Protect Your Online Identity - SAVE 50%

DATE POSTED: 05/01/2017

Protect Your Online Identity - SAVE 50%


传奇sfI appreciate that Christmas is probably a distant memory for you now...but I missed this offer when it was launched in December and it is WAAAAAAY too good to miss!

A VPN is now an ESSENTIAL piece of kit to keep your online identity protected...and stop your every online move being tracked.


I have been recommending HMA for a while now - click here to read my post from back in 2013 - and it still remains my first choice.

传奇sfI tested a number of free VPNs over the Christmas break - including the new 'Viking themed' offering from Opera!

Some were pretty decent to a point...but always disappointed in the end. Usually due to slow download/upload speeds or limited server locations.

I personally use HMA on a daily basis and cannot recommend it enough. The connection is rock solid stable. The download/upload speeds are lightening fast. The array of server location is mind boggling.

If you take advantage of the 12 months 50% discount deal today - you need to be quick because it expires tomorrow - you will lock-in the discount FOR LIFE!

So, if after 12 months, you agree with me that HMA is an ESSENTIAL tool you simply do nothing and your account will renew at 50% off. SIMPLE!

PLUS, if you're not impressed at any time during your first month, simply let a support donkey know and you will be issued a full refund.

Apologies again for the short notice. I guess I was too busy eating turkey and drinking eggnog when I was first told about this offer! :)

Seriously though. Give HMA传奇sf a try. You won't be disappointed.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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