New Service Launch - Claim Your £1.99 Trial

DATE POSTED: 07/06/2020

New Service Launch - Claim Your £1.99 Trial


Our friends over at SureWin / TipsterPlatforms recently launched a brand new service...and it signals the exciting breaking of new ground for them!

Step forward JR's Golf Betting Formula!

Wait?! What?! GOLF?!?!

传奇sfYep...this is the first non-racing service to join the SureWin / TipsterPlatforms family.

Golf betting can be hugely lucrative if you have the right advisor. It's one of very few sports where you can consistently back 50/1+ winners as well as huge priced each way options.

传奇sfIt offers the chance for jackpot wins and serious bookie bashing. No wonder it's one of the fastest growing betting sports on the exchanges. can be a minefield with huge fields and different courses every week. Which is why you need expert help.


SureWin / TipsterPlatforms has been looking to diversify their portfolio for a while...but nothing new ever came close to their expected standards...UNTIL NOW!

Golf has always been a sport they've been keen to add to their team of betting professionals. They've been on the hunt for a profitable golf tipster for ages...and believe they have now found one of the very best in the business...Mr John Roger Izzard!

There has never been a better time to start golf betting...or to put your existing golf betting efforts on a more professional footing!

传奇sfThat's why - after MONTHS of negotiation - SureWin / TipsterPlatforms are pleased to announce the launch of one of the most astute pro golf backers.

John (JR to his friends) has devised a unique rating formula - exclusive to JR's Golf Betting Formula - that rakes in the profit from both the PGA and European Tours...with EVERY tournament covered!


The PGA Tour resumes on June 11th with the Charles Schwab at Colonial...and the rest of 2020 will be the most action packed six months of elite level golf's an incredibly busy calendar!

Every Tuesday morning at 10:00 (UK time) members will receive the main message for the week via email. These are the outright market bets that form the core of the service.

Wednesday to Saturday JR sends individual round bets and match bets.

Sunday sees JR re-enter the outrights market. His complex algorithm has mountains of data to identify who usually crumbles down the final back nine...and who can be trusted to bring home the profits!

JR believes that no other sport offers the same long-term opportunity to make serious profits. If you have the patience to capitalise on big winning opportunities...then JR's Golf Betting Formula has your name all over it!

SPECIAL BONUS: The US Masters - postponed in April - will now be played in November and JR has unearthed a huge Ante Post price for a player he expects to have a stellar week. You will be sent this MONSTER ANTE POST MASTERS SELECTION by email as soon as you join so you can grab the price...before it's gone for good!

传奇sfThe plan was to put JR's Golf Betting Formula through the usual rigorous proofing period in March, April and May. However, due to the global pandemic and the sporting shutdown, this has not been possible. SureWin / TipsterPlatforms have thought long and hard about how to proceed...and have decided to launch JR without a proofing period.

There are four key reasons why they feel this is the right thing to do.

1. Although JR has never before released his tips to the public...he has been backing them himself for years...with some pretty impressive returns...

New Service Launch - Claim Your £1.99 Trial

2. The limited amount of time JR had in March to walk them through what he does was very impressive. They think you'll be impressed too.

3. The revised golfing calendar over the next few months is crazy busy and they don't want you to potentially miss out on three months SERIOUS PROFIT while they proof the service.

4. They're offering a £1.99 trial and a 30 day money back guarantee. You will not be locked into a contract and you can cancel at any time...with no notice period. This gives you the chance to paper trade JR's Golf Betting Formula for 28 days - with very little outlay - and decide for yourself if it's worthwhile continuing.

"I will work tirelessly to help you come out on top. I back my unique formula against any odds compiler and will put you on golfers who are far bigger prices than they should be. If we continually do that then over time we will make profits. I am constantly refining the formula for one keep us ahead of the bookies!"


The page you first land on is the full price offering.

To claim your £1.99 trial simply enter your name and email address in the relevant boxes.

You will then immediately be emailed a link to the signup page for the £1.99 trial.

Your details are stored on a secure server and you can permanently unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.

传奇sfMost services offer very short trials (usually only a week) but JR is different!

His formula is so good that he's happy to give you FOUR WEEKS UNLIMITED ACCESS FOR JUST £1.99 so you can see for yourself just how much profit is there for the taking.

£1.99 for 28 days. 30 day money back guarantee. Cancel anytime. No contract. NO BRAINER!


PS. The £1.99 JR's Golf Betting Formula trial is for new customers only. If you've had a JR's Golf Betting Formula trial in the past you unfortunately cannot take another one. You can of course still join at full price...which is still excellent value for money considering the levels of profit on offer!

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