£10,500.87 Profit...And Counting!

DATE POSTED: 15/11/2019

£10,500.87 Profit...And Counting!


The rain has played havoc with racing this week...but the fantastic Market Movers service found more winners last week...taking the overall profit to a STAGGERING £10,500.87!

Click here to read more and download the full results spreadsheet.

The principle behind Market Movers is very simple...and VERY profitable!

Back a horse in the evening that their racing expert is very confident will shorten in price.

传奇sfLay the same horse in the morning - once the odds have shortened - and lock-in a free hit.

If the horse wins...you make a profit!

If the horse loses...you breakeven!


Don't just take our word for it. One of their customers recently contacted them with a nice old fashioned "keep up the good work" message! :)

My mobile phone has been out of action and so I haven't been able to get your tips from it, which is nuisance (but my own fault), and so I've been relying on your e-mail messages. You have spurred me to get the phone fixed and charged ASAP, and I greatly appreciate that. I've been paper trading the system since I joined, and have concluded in the last few days that Market Movers is definitely a great way to make small but steady profits, and is several thousand times better than bank interest.

Such straight forward betting systems as Market Movers are quite rare in the world of racing, and it is a delight to find a provider who also publishes the long term results of using its method. Keep up the good work.

Douglas - Arbroath

Market Movers is included as part of the OddsCatcher service.

Join today传奇sf for just £27 and get immediate access Market Movers and the following profitable services.

BET365 LOOPHOLE传奇sf: Leading bookmaker bet365 offer a daily opportunity to lock-in a profit in no more than five minutes a day. OddsCatcher has a clever piece of software that does all the work for you. All you need to do is login and place your bets.

ARB MARKETS: The wonderful world of Arbitrage Trading allows you to create multiple betting situations every day that lock-in a profit. No hours of studying form. No specialist knowledge required. No huge betting bank needed.

BACK TO LAY: OddsCatcher's unique software highlights multiple Back-to-Lay opportunities every day. Doing all the work in the background so you don’t have to. All you have to do is click on to the Back-to-Lay page on the site to see all the day's runners that are trading shorter on Betfair than with the bookmakers.

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT传奇sf: As part of your OddsCatcher membership you will have full access to their bookmaker account management service. This is a fully secure and data-protected facility that will allow you to manage all your bookie accounts from one screen. OddsCatcher will track ALL your bets, record ALL your results, calculate ALL your winnings and automatically update ALL your balances in ALL your bookmaker accounts.

传奇sf£27 per month would be a bargain price for Market Movers on its own. The fact that you get all these added extras as well makes it an absolute no brainer!


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