Marmite System Alert!

DATE POSTED: 08/03/2013


传奇sfYou're either going to love or hate this email.

传奇sfBut I feel I need to send it anyway.

Apologies if you end up in the hate camp.

传奇sfI've been playing around with a horse racing system called Midas Method 2.0 for around three months now and I personally like what I've seen.

I've unfortunately not been able to do a full review because I've missed a large chunk of the bets provided...due to being out of the office when they've been sent.

传奇sfHowever, my overall experience of the system has been a profitable one and so I've decided to share my thoughts with you this afternoon.

In fact...I think I might try something different with this email and, rather than waffle on for a couple of pages, I'm simply going to list what I feel are the good and bad points of Midas Method 2.0.


* Numerous good reviews online.
* My limited test produced a profit.
* 60 day money back guarantee managed by ClickBank.
* Swift and knowledgeable support.


* Numerous bad reviews online...told you it was a Marmite product! :)
* Email tips sent at lunchtime so might not be fully usable for 9-5 office workers.
* Very shouty and salesy sign-up page...full of the usual screenshots and pictures of flashy cars and big houses.

传奇sfReviews and advice from people in positions of trust (I hope you feel you can trust me) are very useful...

...But the best way to know for certain if a product is right for you is to dip your toe in water and test it out for yourself.

传奇sfWith this in mind I offer you this advice.

传奇sfTake a look at the sales page and see what you think.

If you're not put off by the sales pitch and feel, like I do, that this is definitely worth a closer look you can do so safe in knowledge that you can get your money back, for whatever reason, no questions asked, any time during your first 60 days.

This gives you over 8 weeks to paper trade the full service on offer and see if it's right for you and your circumstances.

If it've got a profitable new addition to your portfolio.

传奇sfIt it is not...simply get your money back and walk away.

Please let me know how you get on.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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