[LINKS FIXED] £587 Profit Since December 2013 - Extended Free Trial

POSTED: 23/02/2014

[LINKS FIXED] £587 Profit Since December 2013 - Extended Free Trial


I'm happy to report that OddsCatcher have fixed their web hosting issues and everything is now working perfectly. I've also been assured that measures have been put in place to prevent this issue from ever happening again.

传奇sfTo compensate you for any inconvenience caused by the website downtime I've managed to persuade the OddsCatcher team to offer you an extended Market Movers free trial (28 days instead of 14).

传奇sfI've pasted the original email below in case you missed it yesterday.

A massive congratulations to all our readers that took up the Xmas offer with the guys over at OddsCatcher.com.

You will already know first-hand the amount of profit being generated by this fantastic service and easy-to-understand software.

SPECIAL OFFER: 50% Discount For The First Two Months!

Learn how to beat the bookies at their own game with an array of tricks and loopholes (all legal & above board) that, on a daily basis, will pocket you RISK FREE PROFITS.

Since I last emailed you about OddsCatcher (click here to read the old blog post) the team have been busy adding extra training videos and manuals to make their members experience an even better one.

They have also added a totally new section called MARKET MOVERS.

This excellent new section of the site is FREE传奇sf for 28 days when you become a new OddsCatcher member.

传奇sfThe concept behind Market Movers is very simple.

Their experienced horse racing market expert will give you, on average, 1 or 2 selections a day that he fully expects to shorten in price.

His strong racing contacts, and years of experience / expertise, enable him to predict the moving markets...meaning you can place a bet when these selections go out the night before and then trade out the following morning at the shorter price.

Just head over to the full results page and download their recent selections and you'll see just how many did indeed shorten as predicted.

Even if you are new to trading there is no need to worry because the Market Movers system is fully explained in layman terms. There is even a video on the homepage that talks you through exactly how the Market Movers system works.

Market Movers alone has generated a profit of £587 (at just £25 stakes) since December 2013!

传奇sfWhen you add this excellent return to all the other profitable elements of the OddsCatcher service...you've got yourself the very real potential to make some serious cash month after month after month.

SPECIAL OFFER: 50% Discount For The First Two Months!

传奇sfI urge you to get involved today. The potential profit up for grabs is staggering.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

PS. To ensure that you don't miss out on the 50% discount, and 28 day free trial, please take extra care to ensure that you use promo code UCL2013. If you use any of the special offer links传奇sf in this post the promo code field should automatically populate for you.

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