April Prize Draw Winner

DATE POSTED: 13/04/2017


The April draw for a free upgrade has taken place and the winner is Derek from Mouen, France!

传奇sfDerek has been told the good news and is already taking full advantage of the amazing suite of profitable betting tools he now has access to.

Commiserations to all of you who did not win this month.

传奇sfAll you need to do to be entered into the May draw is continue being an active mailing list member. An active member is classed as someone who has clicked on at least one of our email links in the past 30 days.

Can't wait until the next draw? I don't blame you...there is way too much RISK FREE PROFIT on the table to wait any longer!

Click to get an subscription for just £15 per month...with no contact to sign and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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