Increased Free Bet Offer - 'Bet £20 Get £80'

DATE POSTED: 09/10/2014


SmartLiveSports have increased their new customer free bet offer to a very tempting 'Bet £20 Get £80'.

If you have not yet opened a SmartLiveSports account you can take advantage of this offer by following the steps below.


Open a new SmartLiveSports account and deposit £20 to your sportsbook wallet.


Use your version of OddsTrawler ( or ) to find the best £20 qualifying bet.

传奇sfYour qualifying bet must be at odds of 1.50 or greater.

传奇sfThe best qualifying bet I could find at the time of posting can be found below.

China v Thailand
Football - Friendly - Total Goals
10/10/14 @ 12:35 BST

Back £20 on Over 2.5 with SmartLiveSports at odds of 1.68.

Lay £20.74 on Over 2.5 with betfair at odds of 1.67. You will need £13.90 in your betfair传奇sf account to cover this.

This gives you a total loss of 30p (assuming a 5% commission rate) and will qualify you for the £20 free bet.


Click on the green 'BONUS FORM' button towards the top of the SmartLiveSports homepage and enter your Username, Bonus Code (GET80) and Required Bonus Amount (£20).


Once your qualifying bet has been settled it can take a couple of days for the free bet to appear in your account. If it hasn't appeared within 48 hours of your qualifying bet being settled I would recommend using the online chat feature to give SmartLiveSports a quick 'nudge'.

Once you £20 free bet has appeared in your account you can use your version of OddsTrawler ( or ) to turn it into RISK FREE PROFIT.

传奇sfTo maximise your profit make sure that you look for a match with back odds of 4.00 or greater.

传奇sfAlso, please remember to select the FREE BET (SNR) option on the calculator.

传奇sfLet me know if you need any help finding the best match for your free bet.


If you now place five more £20 qualifying bets you can claim another £20 free bet by repeating STEP THREE and STEP FOUR

This can be done a total of three times (15 qualifying bets and 3 free bets) and will give you an additional £60 in free bets (3 x £20).

For clarity...the actual breakdown of when the free bets are released is:

One £20 qualifying bet = One £20 free bet
Five more £20 qualifying bets = One more £20 free bet
Five more £20 qualifying bets = One more £20 free bet
传奇sf Five more £20 qualifying bets = One more £20 free bet

This may seem like a lot of bets...but you don't have to do them all if you don't want to!

传奇sfThe first free bet is released after the first qualifying bet so you could always just do that if you don't have the time, or inclination, to place all the bets.

传奇sfThe real profit however lies in completing all the bets and claiming the full £80.

The odds quoted is this post were correct at the time of posting. If the odds have changed simply enter the new figures into the calculator.

传奇sfYou can quickly and easily find your own matches by using your version of the OddsTrawler software.

If you are unsure how matched betting works you might want to take a look at our Risk Free Betting Guide.

Please double-check the full terms and conditions of this offer to ensure you are 100% clear before placing any bets. I also recommend printing a copy (or taking a screenshot) of the terms and conditions for your records.

传奇sfIf you need help making the most out of this offer please email me.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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