Your Best Bet This Season

DATE POSTED: 23/09/2016

Your Best Bet This Season


Last month Oxfordshire Press launched their brand new football betting service.

And already, just a few games into the season, their unique new Across the Leagues service is finding some real gems for members.

Bets that you won't see advertised in the bookies' shop windows or TV ads. Even though you can place them with the big firms like Bet365 and William Hill every week.

This is serious moneymaking information that the bookies don't want you to see.


传奇sfTo mark the launch of this new service we've managed to negotiate you a fantastic 'Season Ticket' offer.

Giving you the chance to join Across the Leagues for the whole season, at less than HALF PRICE.

传奇sfBut you do need to act fast.

The doors close THIS WEEKEND传奇sf...and after that, the 56% discount will be gone forever!

PLUS - as with all of the betting services that Oxfordshire Press publish - you get three months covered by a full Money Back Guarantee. And your first 14 days are completely free, so you can fully test the service before any payment is even taken.


传奇sfJoin today and you'll get instant access to the moneymaking stats on the website!

PLUS this weekend's bet analysis and Picks on Friday!

传奇sfAND next week's Champions League advice!

传奇sfIf you like football, you'll love Across the Leagues.

传奇sfIf you want to make money betting on football, then this is a tool that you really can't do without.

As with all new services I recommend you take it slowly until you're 100% certain a profit can be made from your individual circumstances.

However, with the three month money back guarantee - and your first 14 days for free! - you really have nothing to lose by giving this a try.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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