[STOP] Don't Buy PROFIT MAXIMISER...Until You've Read This Email!

DATE POSTED: 09/06/2014

[STOP] Don't Buy PROFIT MAXIMISER...Until You've Read This Email!


You've probably already received emails from various sources singing the praises of Mike Cruikshank and his Profit Maximiser service.

I actually told you all about this service last year...and my opinion has not changed...IT IS VERY GOOD!

传奇sfThe best offer from most other affiliates is £97 + VAT for the 1st year and then £197 + VAT for each subsequent year.

However, because we have an excellent long-standing relationship with Mike (and his new sales partners Agora), I can offer you a MUCH BETTER DEAL!

2 years for £194 + VAT (saving you over £100)


A 30 day RISK FREE trial


6 months FREE access to our UCantLose.co.uk Arb Alerts service (worth £240)

This offer is EXCLUSIVELY传奇sf available from us only.

To start profiting today follow the simple steps below.

1. Click here to go to the sales page.

传奇sf2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click where it says "Claim your risk-free trial of Profit Maximiser today".

3. Select the Direct Debit option, enter your details and click "Continue". You can pay by credit card if you wish but it will cost you more.

4. You will then be offered a one-time opportunity to pay just £194 + VAT for 2 years of Profit Maximiser传奇sf service. Take that opportunity and finalise your order.

5. Once you've been a Profit Maximiser for more than 30 days simply email me your payment confirmation and I will immediately activate your free 6 month UCantLose.co.uk Arb Alert subscription.

It might seem a little strange that I've decided to recommend the services of a business rival.

传奇sfBut it's really quite simple.

传奇sfMy sole aim is to make you as much profit as possible with the minimum of fuss...and risk!

If that means recommending someone else's services then so be it.

Besides, I see Profit Maximiser传奇sf very much as a companion to our ever popular UCantLose.co.uk Arb Alerts and OddsTrawler services.

The beauty of Profit Maximiser is the fact it addresses the problem of what to do when all the bonuses dry-up because you've opened all the accounts you possibly can.

Profit Maximiser has actually made it into my personal betting portfolio.

And I strongly urge you to add it to yours too.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

PS. In order to qualify for the 6 months FREE access to our UCantLose.co.uk Arb Alerts service (worth £240) you need to take a 2 year subscription of Profit Maximiser传奇sf. If you want to just take the 1 year option you will not qualify. To be honest there is no real benefit taking the 1 year option because both come with a 30 day money back guarantee...but the 2 year option is much MUCH better value!

PPS. During the sales process you will also be offered access to Mike's arb software for £97 + VAT. This software is excellent but I strongly recommend that you decline the offer to buy it today. The reason being that it is the same as our . No point paying for it when we give it you for free! :)

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