[Q&A] Never Pay For A Sports Betting Pick Again!

DATE POSTED: 19/08/2015

[Q&A] Never Pay For A Sports Betting Pick Again!


A week ago I told you about Rich Allen's All-In-One package (click here传奇sf to read the post again).

I received a lot of questions about this offer so I've done a quick Q&A session with Rich to hopefully clear up a few things for you.

Q: Rich, I've seen your video talking about this All-In-One package, but I'm a little confused. Can you explain it in a little more detail?

A: Sure! The All-In-One Package is the most economical way to follow my betting tips. You make a ONE-TIME payment... And let me stop right there for a second: This isn't a once a year payment, this is a once-a-lifetime payment. Literally. You NEVER have to send me another dollar. And with that one payment you'll get every sports betting system I have in my arsenal. This includes (but is not limited to): NFL, College Football, College Bowls, NBA, College Basketball, MLB, NHL, and MMA. Not only do you get any Original versions of those systems, but you also get any updated versions as well. On top of that you also get any system I will ever create in the future. Again, for just ONE payment.

Q: So, I'm just getting copies of your betting systems, is that right?

传奇sfA: NO! You don't just get the systems. When you order the All-In-One package you will also get picks emailed directly to you. That's for every Sports Betting Professor system I have - you'll get the tips emailed to you for life. Any new system I create - you'll get the picks for life for those systems as well. It's one payment for all my systems and all my picks.

Q: This sounds like a really great deal. What's the catch?

A: No catch. Well, the one time payment is higher than what you'd normally pay for a system of mine but that's to be expected: you never have to pay me again! This is actually a money losing proposition for me. The cost of the All-In-One package is less than what I would charge for one year of all my picks.

Now. I know the price of this has been a sticking point for some of you. However, when you stop and think about what Rich is offering here, it really is excellent value for money.


There is also the 60 day money back guarantee to consider.

Try Rich's All-In-One package for a couple of months and if you're not impressed simply request a full refund. No questions. No quibbles. No stress.

If the asking price is too high for you on your own you could always get together with a couple of fellow bettors and split the cost.

传奇sfI can't speak highly enough about Rich and his excellent tipping systems.

Please don't let the price cause you to miss out on this excellent opportunity.

Take the plunge today. You will not regret it. I promise! :)

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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