[£109K WINNER] Only One More Sleep To Go!

DATE POSTED: 09/03/2020

[£109K WINNER] Only One More Sleep To Go!


There has been some confusion about how to claim the £39 monthly Sams Bets subscription we told you about on Friday...so allow us to clarify.

传奇sfThe page you first land on is the sales pages for the Cheltenham Only service (costing £40 for the four days of the Cheltenham Festival).

To claim the £39 subscription (and get the Cheltenham Only service thrown in for free) simply enter your name and email address in the relevant boxes.

Once you've confirmed your email address you will immediately be emailed a link to the signup page for the £39 subscription.

传奇sfYour details are stored on a secure server and you can permanently unsubscribe from the Sams Bets mailing list at any time.

Imagine winning £109,140.68 on the opening day of Cheltenham.

传奇sfWell...that's exactly what Stewart Black - the man behind Sams Bets - did on the Tuesday of the 2019 Cheltenham Festival!

With a proven track record (click here to read more and view the stats) Sams Bets will help you turn the 2020 Cheltenham Festival into one to remember.

传奇sfWe have no doubt that your inbox is currently full of Cheltenham offers.

传奇sfYou might even already be sick to death of hearing the word Cheltenham.

BUT...can you really afford to pass on the chance to join a proven service that has shown a profit in ALL of the last FOUR festivals and also scooped the Placepot last year?


It takes A LOT to impress our friends over at SureWin / TipsterPlatforms...but Sams Bets has done just that! They have put his picks through a rigorous proofing process and have been VERY IMPRESSED!

He started proofing to them on 16/04/19...and has gone on to return a profit of +206.11pts to advised odds. That rises to +274.35pts when using BOG bookies. These stats are correct up to, and including, 05/03/20. Click to download the full results file.

It's impressive profit numbers like this - coupled with excellent customer service - that means SureWin / TipsterPlatforms are delighted to welcome Sams Bets into their stable of tipsters.

传奇sfThe Sams Bets service is now live...and you have two options if you'd like to join.

传奇sf1. Pay £40 and join Sams Bets just for the four days of Cheltenham.

2. Pay £39 and join Sams Bets on a monthly subscription...and get the Cheltenham service thrown in FOR FREE (SAVE £40)!

Totally your call...but surely a no brainer, right?! £40 for four days...or £39 for a full month!


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