Sorry...I've Messed Up!

DATE POSTED: 17/06/2013


传奇sfI was supposed to email you on Friday about a fantastic discount available over at Sports Arbitrage World (SAW)...

传奇sf...But I totally forgot to schedule the email to be sent.

传奇sfSAW are running another fantastic discount similar to the one they did back in April.

传奇sfIf you can't remember the April deal click on the link below to read the old post and refresh your memory.

Old SAW Post

The new deal is very similar and, if you act fast, you can get 13 months full access for just £249...


传奇sfTo take advantage of this fantastic deal follow the steps below:

传奇sfSTEP 1 - Click .

STEP 2 - Create a free TraderZone account (or login to your existing account).

STEP 3 - Open the TraderZone software.

STEP 4 - Click the 'BUY NOW' option in the top menu bar.

STEP 5 - Click the 'ArbAlarm' option.

传奇sfSTEP 6 - Select the '*Lucky* 13 Months' option and then click the 'Buy Now' button.

传奇sfSTEP 7 - Enter your payment details.

This deal was supposed to end at midnight last night but I've just checked and it's currently still available.

I've called my contact at SAW to find out if the deadline has been extended but their phone went straight to voicemail.

As soon as they get back to me I'll update you on the new deadline.

However, If you are interested in this massive saving my advice would be to act straight away and not wait for my update

This is not a marketing ploy...

...The offer genuinely should have been pulled last night and could disappear at any second.

传奇sfPlease accept my apologies for the rushed nature of this email. I just felt that I had to update you ASAP and try to make amends for me not sending the email as planned on Friday.

If you have any problems taking advantage of this offer please let me know.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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