Sports Arbitrage Summer Sale (SAVE £1,348!)

DATE POSTED: 20/04/2013


传奇sfHere at UCantLose Ltd we're proud to have been providing sports arbitrage services to our customers since 2003.

Our service grows stronger every year. With experience comes the ability to hone our service to exceed the needs of our customers.

传奇sfWe're convinced that we offer the very best sports arbitrage service for beginner / intermediate users.

传奇sfIf you're currently a customer of our Arb Alert service (or have taken a trial in the past) you'll know that we deliver arbs via email and instant text message.

We've used this delivery method since we started back in 2003 and have perfected the system so much that it now takes an average of less than 5 seconds from finding the arb to it being successful sent to all customers.

We listen to all customer suggestions and the one suggestion we receive above all others is to create a system whereby you can access the arbs online, at your convenience, 24/7.

传奇sfA while back we took the decision to investigate the feasibility of giving customers online access to our unique arb hunting software and enabling them to find their own arbs whenever it suited them.

We quickly discovered that this would be a lengthy and very costly process so decided to find an alternative solution.

The solution we found? To test and review every online arb provider with a view to recommending the very best provider of online arbs to our customers.

传奇sfAfter many months of rigorous testing and reviewing one service stood head and shoulders above the rest.

传奇sfIn our opinion the very best sports arbitrage service for intermediate / advanced users is TraderZone by Sports Arbitrage World (SAW).

It's a massive thing for us to recommend another arbitrage service but we really do feel that using TraderZone in conjunction with Arb Alerts will give our customers the ultimate arbing experience.

传奇sfFor this weekend only SAW has reduced the price of its annual subscription to the TraderZone to just £149 pounds...

...That's a staggering saving of £1,348 off the standard annual price!

A whole year of live trading data - usually £1,497 - for just £149...but only if you act this weekend!

And that's not all...

...If you're one of the first 25 traders to take this amazing offer SAW will extend your subscription by an extra 3 months so that you have full coverage over the 2014 World Cup next June.

If you're a seasoned trader then you already know how profitable this period will be.

If you're a novice you've now got an opportunity to start your trading project with a 15 month subscription to, in our opinion, the best live sports arbitrage trading platform currently available, for less than £10 per month.

传奇sfClick on the link below and take your arbing profits to the next level.

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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