Boost Your Betting Success Rate - 77.9% Profited In 2013

POSTED: 12/02/2014

Boost Your Betting Success Rate - 77.9% Profited In 2013


I imagine that most of you will have heard the well-worn stat that suggests only around 2% of people who place a regular bet actually make money from their betting.

Why exactly are so few people making money betting?

Well the simple answer is that it's tough...especially if you're betting independently and without help from market experts.

传奇sfOur friends over at Secret Betting Club (SBC) are a very good example of a set of experts you should be listening to.

A recent survey of Secret Betting Club members revealed that 77.9% of all respondents made a profit betting in 2013.

Yes that's right - 77.9%! Nearly as many as 4 out of 5 voting members...which compares very nicely to the 2% (or 1 out of 50) when bettors try to 'go it alone'.

Boost Your Betting Success Rate - 77.9% Profited In 2013

If SBC are so good why is the success rate not 100%?

传奇sfGood question. The reason is pretty simple really. Even with the very best advice and help not everyone will follow the instructions and guidance properly. Mistakes are made when bettors get hasty / sloppy / emotional etc... leading to unforeseen losses.

How much profit did these 77.9% actually make?

传奇sfAnother very good question. After all, if they had only made £1 each in 2013 these survey results would be pretty meaningless!

传奇sfSBC have grouped the answers into four categories.

Boost Your Betting Success Rate - 77.9% Profited In 2013

These are very impressive results! It means 1 in 5 members who voted pulled in a 5 figure profit...and over 35% made a profit of at least £5,000.

These are excellent profits. Especially when you consider that it costs less than 22p a day to be a member of the Secret Betting Club!

All these results were based on a straightforward poll where SBC members were asked to honestly answer how their betting fared last year. Each member could only vote once to be 100% fair and accurate. The full results of this poll will be published in their upcoming 2014 Betting & Tipsters Award Report.

If you're keen to follow in the footsteps of the 77.9% winning majority then now is the perfect time to join in the profit-making fun at the Secret Betting Club...

...Because this weekend there will be a special dual report release!

Featuring their 2014 Betting & Tipsters Report (which reveals the best tipsters, experts and resources as voted for by their members).


The latest issue of the SBC magazine (including new reviews of a fantastic football and a racing tipster they have just unearthed).

传奇sfIf at ANY POINT during your first 12 months you decide, for WHATEVER reason, that the Secret Betting Club is not for you, simply let them know and they will issue an immediate FULL REFUND!

No questions. No quibbles. No hoops to jump through.

传奇sfI've worked with the Secret Betting Club for many years and can vouch for the quality of their products / services and the money back guarantee.

Do your betting balance a favour and JOIN THE SECRET BETTING CLUB TODAY!

Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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