[Q&A] Patton Racing Profits - This Will Sell Out FAST!

DATE POSTED: 05/11/2014

[Q&A] Patton Racing Profits - This Will Sell Out FAST!


As promised last night...I've done a quick Q&A to help answer any questions you might have re Patton Racing Profits.

Q: Can I use just betfair?
A: Yes. You can use whichever bookie or exchange you wish. Over the last 6 months the stats show that only 30% of selections drift or stay the same so what small Best Odds Guarantee value you lose by only using betfair you should gain back from the fact that betfair odds are usually better than the bookies. Personally though I would open as many bookies as possible and use to ensure you get the best price for every selection.

Q: Who has proofed these results?
A: Patton Racing Profits was originally managed by BetFan from March to October so has been fully proofed by them.

Q:How do I receive the tips?
A: The tips are sent out by email between 08:00 and 10:00 every morning. They are also posted on a members only page of the website.

Q: How many selections will I get?
A: Patton Racing Profits gives a maximum of three selections per day and never advises any selection at less than 3.50 (5/2).

Hopefully you now fully understand what Patton Racing Profits传奇sf has to offer and will take action today.

If you're still undecided click HERE to visit Simon's website and take a look through the videos and free downloads currently available.

Peter Jenkins
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