£60.22 Profit Today - Claim Your £15 Free Bonus

DATE POSTED: 03/11/2016

£60.22 Profit Today - Claim Your £15 Free Bonus


Have you started taking advantage of the £15 Free Bonus Giveaway传奇sf I told you about yesterday?

If not...you really should...I'm into my second day and have already made a £60.22 RISK FREE PROFIT!

传奇sfYesterday I lost my first free £5 bonus very quickly playing South Park Video Slot at £1 a spin.

传奇sfToday I decided to stretch my second free £5 bonus much further and played Rainbow Riches for 20p a spin (20 lines at 1p a line).

Things were going pretty well and I had met the wagering requirement with a profit of around £12.

传奇sfI was just playing an extra few spins - I like to go slightly beyond the wagering requirement rather than just meet it exactly and cash out - and I hit the Pots Of Gold bonus.

传奇sfTo my joy the bonus spinner stopped on x250 and I won an extra £50 (20p x 250)...RESULT!

I played a few more spins and then withdrew £60.22 profit straight to my debit card.

£60.22 Profit Today - Claim Your £15 Free Bonus

£60.22 profit. In about 15 minutes. With absolutely no deposit required. Thank you very much Sky Vegas! :)

I'm obviously not saying everyone who takes this free bonus offer will be as lucky as I've been today...but you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a go!

传奇sfGet started this evening and let me know if you manage to beat my £60.22 profit.


Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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