Secrets Of Successful Betting - Your Questions Answered

POSTED: 13/02/2015

Secrets Of Successful Betting - Your Questions Answered


I'm really pleased that so many of you have taken up the opportunity to sample Secrets Of Successful Betting totally free of charge.

If you missed my first email last month you can read it now by clicking HERE.

Not yet sure if Secrets Of Successful Betting is for you? Maybe the interview below (with the editor Matt Houghton) will help.

传奇sfThis interview was not conducted by me...but I've been given permission to reproduce it for you.

It's a bit cheesy...but don't let that put you off. Matt takes the opportunity to really explain exactly why you need to add Secrets Of Successful Betting传奇sf to your portfolio.

INTERVIEWER: "First of all, thanks for taking the time to speak to me and my readers Matt. I know you must be busy with all your members!"

MATT: "No worries. It is busy, of course, but I think it's important to take the time to let people know exactly what they're getting with one of my systems - especially this program."

INTERVIEWER: "Definitely. And what exactly are people getting with Secrets Of Successful Betting? I understand this is not quite like your other systems?"

MATT: "Well, yes. It's not like anything I've put out before. You see, it's not just one system. People can think of a it as a comprehensive guide to betting, which includes literally hundreds of professional techniques, systems, strategies - everything you could need really. It's designed to be everything you'll need to make a consistent and reliable extra income."

INTERVIEWER: "So it's your Magnum Opus, so to speak?"

MATT: "If you like, yes. But this isn't just a culmination of all of my years of experience - I got some of my colleagues involved as well. I just really wanted to make something that would take people's betting to the next level. Not just something to follow, but something to learn from - that was easy to use, step-by-step, to make profits immediately and over the long term with. To keep profits rolling in for my members over the long term was very important to me."

INTERVIEWER: "People are getting their money's worth then?"

MATT: "Yes. One of the biggest complaints of other people's systems I've heard is that they simply stop working a few weeks or months down the line. And that's just no good to anyone who is serious about making an extra income. That's why I've designed this to keep things profitable even in a year's time."

INTERVIEWER: "So how much exactly will people make starting out with this?"

MATT: "I expect people to make at least £50-£100 in their first 30 days - but that would be a minimum. Really this could easily make you £60 a day starting out - and that's just part one."

INTERVIEWER: "Yes - because you get a lot more than just one instalment with this don't you?

MATT: "Sure, I couldn't fit my 'Magnum Opus' into one part now could I! I've set this up so that every month you get a brand new instalment of Secrets Of Successful Betting containing even more professional techniques, strategies and systems that build on what I've shown you before. As I said, I want to keep people profiting all year round, and this is going to do it."

INTERVIEWER: "You sound very confident - which is good!"

MATT: "Well I am. I put a lot of work into this, and I just want people to be able to give it a go. That's why I've worked out a way for them to get hold of part one and try it out completely risk-free for 30 days. So your readers really don't have to take my word for it. They can try it out for themselves."

INTERVIEWER: "Right, well I expect you must be charging a premium price then?"

MATT: "Not at all. Each instalment is a very reasonable £19.95, and when you consider you could be making £60 a day from part one right off the bat, I think you'll agree that's very reasonable. And remember - you can use it absolutely risk-free for 30 days without spending a single penny."

INTERVIEWER: "And how complicated is it? Will people get stuck?"

MATT: "Well for a start, I give every member my personal email address. So if anyone does have any queries they can get hold of me directly and I'll respond right away. But I don't expect anyone to have any problems. I've designed this from the ground up to be very easy to follow. I guide you through everything step step-by-step so you can make a profit without getting a migraine. These may be professional techniques that have taken years to perfect, but all that hard work has already been done for you. All you have to do is follow my simple instructions. In fact if you start right now, you could pocket your first £60 by the end of the day."

So. There we have it. A collection of profitable techniques. And a 30 day free trial. NO BRAINER! :)


Peter Jenkins
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