Free Tips - Low Cost Trial - 10% Lifetime Discount

DATE POSTED: 25/10/2013

Free Tips - Low Cost Trial - 10% Lifetime Discount


The guys behind Tipster Warehouse have been around for a while now and their service is starting to get the recognition it deserves.

They test a wide range of tipping services and offer the most profitable ones for sale on their website.

The beauty of this is that you don't waste your time and money on bad tipsters...because Tipster Warehouse has already weeded out the bad services for you.

Also, due to 'bulk buying' power, the deals on offer at Tipster Warehouse are usually cheaper than if you went to the tipsters direct.

There are two specific services I'd like to tell you about today. The Free Tips and the VIP Club.

Free Tips

To receive a free daily tip from Tipster Warehouse simply click HERE传奇sf, enter your email address in the white box and then click the orange box.

传奇sfYou will then receive a confirmation email from Tipster Warehouse.

传奇sfOnce you click the big blue 'Confirm Subscription >' link your email address will be added to the list and you will receive one free tip every day at approximately 11am.

These free tips make an average monthly profit of around 12 points. That works out at £120 profit every month to stakes of just £10.

传奇sf£120 average monthly profit in exchange for your email address. Sound like a good deal? Of course it does! ☺

VIP Club

传奇sfThe £120 average monthly profit from the Free Tips is all well and good. Profit is profit after all.

However, the big profits are to be made by joining the Tipster Warehouse VIP Club.

The VIP Club is a collection of six of the best tipping services that Tipster Warehouse has to offer.

Since launching in December 2012 the VIP Club has made an average monthly profit of just over 80 points.

That's over £800 profit every month to just £10 stakes!

There also has not yet been a losing month this year:

Jan: +14.84pts
Feb: +84.71pts
Mar: +41.36pts
Apr: +115.60pts
May: +96.07pts
June: +186.87pts
July: +141.70pts
Aug: +15.86pts
Sept: +13.08pts

传奇sfHowever, the VIP Club has hit a bit of rocky patch over the past few weeks and it looks like October might be the first month where a lose is recorded (although there are some very promising golf bets lined up for this weekend that could easily turn this month around).

Regardless of whether or not October makes a loss or a small profit...the facts are simple.

The VIP Club has a proven track record of generating consistent profit.

Bedsides, all good tipsters have bad runs and I have absolutely no doubt that the VIP Club's profits will soon be soaring high again.

This slight dip in form is actually great news for you for two reasons.

1. If you join today there is a very good chance that you've missed the bulk of the 'bad run' and you will be making profit in no time.

2. I've managed to negotiate you a fantastic exclusive deal!

传奇sfThe Tipster Warehouse VIP Club usually costs £49.95 + VAT per month and there are no trial periods available.

However, if you click on the special link below, you can get your first month for just £3.95 + VAT.


And that's not all!

Every subsequent month you stay as member of the VIP Club will cost you just £44.95 + VAT (a lifetime saving of 10%).

If you joined each of the six tipsters individually it would cost you £147.09 + VAT per month.

So, taking advantage of this exclusive offer today will save you £143.14 + VAT in your first month and then £102.14 + VAT for each subsequent month.

All payments to Tipster Warehouse are covered by a 60 day money back guarantee!

This means you can take the low cost trial (and lock-in your lifetime 10% discount) today safe in the knowledge that if, in 59 days time, you've not been impressed with the performance of the VIP Club you can simply ask for a full refund.

Can't say fairer than that!

Both the Free Tips and VIP Club get my full backing and I urge you to get involved today.

Free Tips

VIP Club

Peter Jenkins
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