14 Day Free Trial - No Payment Details Needed

POSTED: 01/03/2016

14 Day Free Trial - No Payment Details Needed


传奇sfAre getting ready for Cheltenham?

Or, to be more accurate, is your inbox ready for the influx of Cheltenham related offers?

传奇sfIt's full steam ahead from here on in as, yes, it's now under two weeks until the start of the Cheltenham Festival...a meeting that many bill as their best four days of horse racing on the calendar.

传奇sfTo kick-start the landslide of offers...we've managed to negotiate you another exclusive offer from the guys and gals over at TRAINERS-QUOTES and ODDSCATCHER!


You really have nothing to lose by taking this full test drive of two of the most popular services on the market today...no strings attached and no payment details needed!

Simply click here to be up-and-running within 30 seconds.

You can then take full advantage of both services for 14 days and find out for yourself exactly what all the fuss is about.

Two established, well respected and profitable services. 14 days for free. No payments details needed. It doesn't get much better than that! :)

Need a bit more convincing? The Q&A section below might help:

Do I Need Accounts With All Your Bookmakers? - No, of course not, but the more accounts you have open the more opportunities you'll find. However, as long as you've got a decent amount of 'Best Odds Guarantee' bookie accounts then you'll be able to profit.

Do I Need A Huge Betting Bank? - No, you can start with as little as you want, or even paper trade the methods first to get a feel. They actually advise not having a massive betting bank to help you go under the bookie's radars.

Do I Need To Be An Advanced Bettor? - Some betting knowledge would naturally help. However, easy-to-understand video guides and pdf manuals are available to all members.

Do I Need To Spend Hours Watching The Markets?传奇sf - Absolutely not. That's what OddsCatcher does for you. You'll need to keep OddsCatcher open and logged-in and the system will then highlight races for you through the day that fit your settings. Then, when a winner drifts in price, you'll cash-in with the bigger odds...giving you a nice profit!

I Work 9-5 can I Still Profit? - Yes. Definitely. A decent profit can be made even if you're only able to bet evenings and weekends.

How Do I Stop My Bookie Accounts Being Closed? - There is a whole members only section with videos and pdf manuals offering useful tips and hints on how to prevent account limitation / closure.

How Will I Know How Much To Place on Each Race/Horse?传奇sf - Once you've decided how much you want to place on each race the system will automatically spilt the stakes for you.

Do I Need To Bet In Every Race The System Throws Up?传奇sf No. Certainly not. You might only have enough cash-flow for one or two bets per day. This is perfectly fine. You might decide to have a day off. You can dip in and out, go on holiday, do whatever...the races and the loophole will still be there when you get back!


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